How to prepare for the everest base camp trek ?

Posted in Things to Know by Upscale Adventures
Published on Mar 05, 2020

What are you aiming for?
Are you going to go for the summit? That demands a certain expertise in climbing and stamina and bravery. The Base Camp at 17,590 ft. is still an accomplishment that requires slightly less in the way of skilled mountaineering.

How fit are you?
The only one that could answer that clearly is a doctor, and a full physical examination is a good way to sort out where you are at physically. Once you have the all clear and a baseline indication of your fitness or lack of, you can start to improve on it. Plan as if you are doing a summit trek and you will be on track to cope well with a base camp trek. Coping with high altitudes will be essential. It is not just being in peak physical condition but being able to adapt and cope with extreme climate change, strong winds and low oxygen. Allow yourself time to achieve the physical fitness required.

Are you Financially Prepared?
An Everest base camp Trek does not come cheap, not only have you’re the expedition costs which is in the thousands then your flights, accommodation, even the expected tip for your Sherpa can be over £500. Ensuring you have the best equipment, to deal with the world’s deadliest mountain is a given. Add that to training costs; time is taken for the training. It all adds up to a considerable amount. Everest is, not a trek you can do on a whim; the financial commitment is high and requires planning and aforementioned.

Are you Psychologically Prepared?
This trek is demanding and daunting. People have died on this trek; this is not a trip for the faint-hearted or the disorganised. Motivation and a personal level of commitment and stamina in your psychological health are as crucial as in your physical health. You will not know the people you are trekking with, yet you will quickly have to become a team. Being a team player takes self- awareness, an ability to compromise and the skill of listening. Leaders provided for the trips are experienced and knowledgeable, it is what you pay for. Listening to their instructions is something you need to be able to do. On this trek, you leave your ego at home