How to find a Reliable Trek Agency in Nepal ?

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Published on Sep 14, 2021

There are a total of 1,939 trekking companies in Nepal registered with the Trekking Agencies' Association in Nepal (TAAN). Many of them are FITs (Fully Independent Travelers' Point) and others are brick & mortar offices with international outreach.

More than 90% of these agencies reside inside Kathmandu. With prospects of a positive travel scene,  many more start their own venture every year to cater the ever-increasing inflow of international tourists.

History of  trekking company in Nepal

Ever since Late Col. Jimmy Roberts "Father of Trekking" founded the first trekking company in Nepal in 1964, Nepal started receiving international audiences for trekking.

Along with the commercialization of Everest climbing, the tourism industry in Nepal gave birth to commercial operators of treks which started growing rapidly in numbers in the least time possible.

The concepts of climbing Everest for sole pleasure and influx of climbers in huge numbers played a major role in revolutionizing the next 3 decades of tourism in the country. With the advent of government participation in promoting trek routes around the country and empowerment of local villages and its inhabitants, many scenic regions in northern Nepal started catering trekkers with modern accommodations and fine dining.

Current Trekking Scene

Nepal received 230,085 international tourists in 2020, according to figures from the Department of Immigration. The year 2020 was announced as “Visit Nepal 2020” to draw two million visitors but the situation worsened, when the World Health Organization announced the Covid-19 outbreak.

Now the vaccine distribution campaign is going on, the travel industry is reopening. Nepal has opened its doors to international visitors after a year-long battle with the pandemic. 

Most of the trekkers (almost 68%) choose Annapurna as the most desired trek destination, followed by Everest and Langtang. Many other regions in Nepal are restricted and permits provided for the trek are very scarce and expensive, making commercial trek choices rare.

Trekkers mostly choose two different seasons for trekking in Nepal. Pre-monsoon or Spring (March-May) sees the first influx of trekkers in a year, followed by Post-monsoon or Autumn (September-November) which receives the highest number of trekkers.

5 Things to Look in Every Tour Provider

Trek companies are bound by 5 different specifics.

  1.  YEARS IN BUSINESS & EXPERTISE - The Older the Company, the Better! With more years in trade comes greater experiences and reliable expertise. Generally, the established companies in Nepal are founded 15-20 years back.
  2. CLIENTS' REVIEWS- Without positive feedback and ratings from former customers, no company will survive. TripAdvisor® and Lonely Planet® are two famous travel portals that can help you find great companies.
  3. AFFILIATIONS-Affiliation with well-known organisations, whether government or non-government, creates the company's reputation and CSR strategies.
  4. REGISTRATION & LICENSES -A trekking agency cannot run without proper licenses and registration from Authorities. Running a trek requires registration with Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and TAAN, and if it sells climbing too then registration with NMA is a must.
  5. COSTS & FACILITIES -It's not always the case when a company provides cheaper cost tends to be better. Reasonable costs can be derived from comparing the prices of different companies. On the other hand, facilities offered by the company are essential to determine whether to sign-up. Facilities such as; Pick-up and drop services, greater accommodation throughout the journey, responsible guides and other services offered in case of emergencies etc.

Other things remaining the same, choosing a reliable trekking company is an easy job if you stick to these 5 basics!

Reliable Trekking Company in Nepal
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